• Analysis of situations of personnel temporarily working abroad or in expatriation situation
  • Analysis of situations of the local employees and T.C.N. (Third Country National) according to different criteria:
    • social coverage or absence of social coverage
    • nationalities of the persons
    • social policy of the company
    • risks « countries »
  • Analysis and verification of existing insurance policies and autonomisation regarding supplementary insurances seen as mandatory .
  • Application of local National Laws related to the professional activity deployed or the presence of the persons.


  • Warranties for Insurance or Repatriation assistance
  • Definition of evacuation plan, medical or political
  • Recommendation of contractual clauses, premium and contribution levels
  • Subscription and administration by French Public Social Funds
  • Internal dispatching of informative and safety documents
  • Redaction of contractual requirements aiming at a bidding process with Brokers, Insurance and Repatriation Assistance Companies
  • Setting of evolutive projects and alternative contracts
  • MEDEVAC setting (medical evacuation)
  • Selection of a Security and Protection Company
  • Selection of a company in charge of « crisis management »